Climbing programs

"A good mountainguide is well prepared, but always an unexpected surprise comes about. A good mountainguide is not seen to be lost.
A good mountainguide is not seem to unrealise that he has lost. A good mountainguide can lead the flash of lightning even better than a cabeled-way."
(Bose - Weiss - Chesterton - Ampere)

SLOVAKIA - High Tatras
Litvorovy Peak 2413 m

Date:                                                                                       Check-in time:
14-17.mar.2014                                                                         31.jan.2014

Feeling in your registration form and transferring the guiding-fee (75 EUR / person)
will validate your reservation.

Account number: (IBAN) HU07 1040 3136 3132 5079 0000 0000

Maximal number of participants: 8 persons

Litvorovy peak 2413 m
Litvorovy Peak
2413 m

N: 49° 10' 16,0"
E: 20° 07' 48,4"

Approaching the destination:

Traveling to the destination should be arranged individually, but knowing the exact number
of participants and the free rooms in the cars, we can share out the free places between the
non-carholder participants.

14.marc.2014 (friday):
At 8 o'clock on Thursday.
On Sunday in the evening time.

by train:
Budapest - Poprad:
Starts: 6:15 AM from Keleti Railway Station, Rákóczi Express
Path: Budapest - Mislolc - Hidanémeti - Kassa - Poprad
Arrival: Poprad: 11:37 AM
From Poprad to Tatranska Polianka: You can take the Electric-tram so called (elektricka). You can find it near the Railway Station.

Poprad - Budapest:
Starts: 16:34 PM from Poprad Railway Station, Rákóczi Express
Path: Poprad - Mislolc - Hidanémeti - Kassa - Budapest
Arrival: Budapest: 22:07 PM

by car:
Path: Budapest - Vác - Parassapuszta - Zólyom - Besztercebánya - Donovaly - Rózsahegy - Poprad - Tatranska Polianka

From Tatranska Polianka you can walk up (2:00) following the green line to Sliezsky dom.
Elevation: 665 m.

We will meet us at the Sliezsky dom at 17 PM.

We will introduce to each other, talking and drinking in the evening time in the restaurant of the hut.

Sliezsky Dom


Sliezsky dom
1670 m



  I am going to check you personal equipments !

  I will not allow you to take part in the program:

if your equipments are not satisfactory, or some of them are missing,
if you don't have life insurance especially applied to extreme sport activities,
if I see that you are not prepared for the program mentally,
if the weather is not favorable.

15.march.2014 (saturday):

At about 5 o'clock in the morning, we are going to start the program and supposingly we will climb Litvorovy peak 2413 m.
The route is exposed and difficult and can be very extreme in vinter condition. (Roupe is provided.)

Distance: up-down: 2x3 kms; Elevation: +/-753 Hm; Time up: 3,5h, down: 2,5h.

Necessary technical equipments:

ice axe,
karabiners 3 pc,
small rope (2,5 meter and 1,5 meter;  4-5 mm both)

  Other Equipments:

cream for UV protection,
light hat against the sun,
next-to-skin dress
wind- and water-proof jacket,
warm hat, gloves in case of bad weather,
food on the mountain,
red cross parcel,
and a big dose of motivation.

16.march.2014 (sunday):

Reserve day. Having success in the previous day we're going down from the mountain in the moorning time and travelling home.

17.march.2014 (monday):

Walking down from the mountain in the morning time and travelling home.


We are going to sleep in the hotel in double-bedrooms.
There is a restaurant in the hut so you can eat and dink there in the evening time after each climbing program.
Price of accommodation:  ~ 20-28 EUR / person / night.

Feeling in your registration form and transferring the guiding-fee (75 EUR / person)
will validate your reservation.

Account number: (IBAN) HU07 1040 3136 3132 5079 0000 0000

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